Power & Emotion

Welcome aboard the W9, a sporty rigid-inflatable craft that combines a size and engine which will enable you to travel far further than you can possibly imagine, whilst maintaining the appropriate compromise on size.

With its daring lines and competitive price range, the W9 is a boat brimming with assets, starting with its deck plan which materializes into three areas which each offer a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

The W9 thus features a sun lounge at the front which can be converted into a lunching area, set amid a steering console which can be equipped with a WC, a shower, and a two-seater leaning post featuring a tip-up seat endowed with a small kitchen and a rear area that is equipped with a large semi-circular bench seat; then, at the back, a huge sunbathing area as well as a platform to access the water surrounding the engine(s).

As regards the cockpit, the W9, having a steering wheel positioned on the port side and a throttle grip placed in the middle, enables the pilot to pleasantly welcome a passenger beside them.

Compared to its sister, the W9i that is equipped with an inboard engine, the W9 allows for a huge hold at the rear which can be, depending on your choice, equipped with storage compartments or a proper bedroom fitted with a double bed. This asset, complemented with a shower room featuring a toilet and kitchenette, enables you to go and spend several days at sea with your W9

Regarding engine power, the W9 is available with either a single engine of 300 to 400 hp, or else with a twin engine of 2×200 hp.

You can select the color of your Wimbi Boats® engines so that they may coordinate with your boat’s overall esthetic design.

Available engines


Technical specifications

Length of hull 8.80 m
Overall length 9.20 m
Width 3.16 m
Length of bathing platform 160 cm
Length of rear platform 95 cm
Inflatable materials (tubes) Hypalon
Tube Diameter 52/64 cm
Category B
Number of compartments 6
Maximum number of passengers 18
Weight 1800 kg
Transmission XL ou XXL
Authorized engine power de 300 a 600 hp
Fuel tank capacity 350 ou 350+100 liters
Water tank capacity 120 liters
Black water tank capacity 40 liters