The mini-Yacht

Welcome aboard your mini-yacht.

Just like its sister the W7 and its 6.89 m (22.6 ft) hull and overall length of 7.99 m (26.21 ft), make the most aboard the W7i – thanks to its inbuilt engine – of a large quarterdeck open onto the spacious platform which grants you direct access to the sea.

The Wimbi Boats® W7i is a high-performance model which harmonizes the philosophy of a day cruiser and is a perfect compromise size-wise. Comfort aboard a W7i is guaranteed for a rigid-inflatable boat of this size. This model indeed presents unbelievable available space be it on the front deck with its sunbathing area which can be converted into a lunching area with a table, from the cockpit steering with someone beside you, or at the rear with a real quarterdeck as on large rigid-inflatable crafts.

Approved for accommodating up to 14 people, it is with 8 passengers that comfort will be at its highest, with everyone being able to find a comfortable space to sit or lie down during the sailing or anchorage process.

The W7i is the ideal model for safe family outings. Be it to protect yourself from the wind and the rain or even the sun, a roll bar supported by two retractable awnings comes and surrounds you.

A nifty chemical toilet can be concealed within the steering console, which can be raised thanks to a front door.

Regarding inboard engine power, the W7 offers you 3 types of motors; a Recreational (200 hp), Cruise (250 hp) or even Sporty (300 hp) engine.

You can also discover its sister, the W7 featuring an outboard engine.

Available engines

Technical specifications

Length of hull 6.89 m
Overall length 7.99 m
Width 2.75 m
Length of bathing platform 130 cm
Length of rear platform 95 cm
Inflatable materials (tubes) Hypalon
Tube Diameter 49/58 cm
Category B
Number of compartments 6
Maximum number of passengers 14
Weight 1150 kg
Transmission inboard XL
Authorized engine power de 150 a 300 hp
Fuel tank capacity 250 liters
Water tank capacity 60-80 liters