Audacious & Versatile

The W7 is the model that has all the makings of a large craft, benefiting from an inconspicuous size that enables it to fit everywhere, be it at sea or on land while it is being transported, until it is launched.

Featuring once again a deep V-shaped hull, the brand’s hallmark ensuring great stability at sea, this W7 offers excellent seafaring behavior.

Sporting a hull length of 6.89 m (22.6 ft) and an overall length of 7.99 m (26.2 ft), the W7 is the boat that offers the perfect compromise for day-long sailings. Its size will enable you to tow it easily. It offers a great number of possible options which make it a very comprehensive boat given its size. Many accessories indeed come from its big sisters (W9 & W10) and have managed to be miniaturized on this model.

A great many storage units have been designed aboard the W7, with most importantly a huge hold at the rear to store all your personal belongings as well as fishing accessories or water-skis.

Another innovation on a boat this size is that a chemical toilet can be concealed within the steering console.

The W7 is the rigid-inflatable craft that can sail all the seas worldwide, be it near icebergs of the Far North or exotic beaches.

Its materials can withstand the most extreme of temperatures.

Regarding outboard engine power, the W7 offers you three packages based on your navigation profile; Recreational (225 hp), Cruise (250 hp) or Sporty (300 hp).

You can also discover the W7i with an inboard engine for a sportier outlook.

Available engines

Technical specifications

Length of hull  6.89 m (22.6 ft)
Overall length 7.99 m (26.2 ft)
Width 2.75 m (9,0 ft)
Length of bathing platform 130 cm (4,2 ft)
Length of rear platform 95 cm (3,1 ft)
Inflatable materials (tubes) Hypalon
Tube Diameter 49/58 cm (1,6/1,9 ft)
Category B
Number of compartments 6
Maximum number of passengers 14
Weight 1150 kg
Transmission HB Arbre XL
Authorized engine power de 150 a 300 hp
Fuel tank capacity 250 liters
Water tank capacity 60-80 liters