The reactive sporty model

With its length of 6.55 m (21.4 ft), the W6 is the ideal companion for coastal navigation, water sports and fishing. Its eye-catching hull rides waves face-on thanks to a pronounced V-shaped stern. Its substantial advantage is to be able to make sharp turns. At 5000 rpm in a tight bend, the W6 turns out to be perfectly balanced, not skidding from the back and not diving forward.

Steering on the W6 is flexible and sporty, and immediately responds to the pilot’s requests. Its top speed exceeds 45 knots and the ideal speed range is around 22 knots.

Highly practical, the W6’s center console is topped by a windscreen and a door located at the forefront, which opens thanks to 2 air cylinders concealing deep storage, ideal to put all your equipment away.

Finally, another attractive feature is that the W6’s entire foredeck can be set up into a sunbathing area. The rear part includes a bench seat that faces a seat positioned the opposite way. The rear seat conceals a rapid access to the large storage unit. The lunch table can be set up at the front or back.

Regarding engine power, a 60 hp or 115 hp version will prove sufficient for leisurely pole and line fishing outings, while a 150 hp or even 200 hp engine for the sportier of sailors will be enjoyed when engaging in water sports such as skiing or wakeboarding.

Our test pilots have tried the W6 out in rough seas featuring 2.5 to 3-metre high waves by surfing on cresting waves. This means that in normal sea conditions, you will be able to be more than reassured and confident with your Wimbi Boats® W6 craft.

Available engines

Technical specifications

Length of hull 5.89 m
Overall length 6.55 m
Width 2.70 m
Inflatable materials (tubes) Hypalon
Tube Diameter 45/58 cm
Category B
Number of compartments 6
Maximum number of passengers 12
Weight 700 kg
Transmission HB Arbre XL
Authorized engine power de 60 a 200 CV
Fuel tank capacity 200 litres
Water tank capacity 40-60 litres