The luxury of freedom

This 12.50-meter long (40 ft) Wimbi Boats® craft, the gem of our range with its proper inside cabin fitted out with a bedroom, bathroom, office area and kitchen, will take you to boundless faraway destinations.

On board, enjoy a huge kitchen protected by a rigid awning, a gigantic quarterdeck, a lounge area featuring tables, and a large sunbathing area at the front as well as a square featuring a cocktail area.

The W12i can accommodate up to 18 people on board.

Discover the high quality finish of this unit which can be entirely customized. When piloting a Wimbi Boats® W12i craft, you get to experience unique sensations.

It is up to you to get your loved ones to enjoy magical moments at sea.

Our delivery service organizes the drop-off and return to your base of your W12i in the port of your choice anywhere around the world. You can thus imagine that with each season you will be able to enjoy discovering a new area with your friends and family, stopping over at a different place every night by sleeping on board your anchored boat or at a hotel near the port. A genuine travelling experience which retains all the technical advantages an inflatable boat has to offer.

Available engines

Technical specifications

Length of hull 12.00 m
Overall length 12.95 m
Width 3.85 m
Length of bathing platform 200 cm
Length of rear platform 100 cm
Inflatable materials (tubes) Hypalon
Tube Diameter 64/70 cm
Category B
Number of compartments 8
Maximum number of passengers 18
Weight 4500 kg
Transmission inboard Arbre XL ou XXL
Authorized engine power de 700 a 1200 CV
Fuel tank capacity 750 litres
Water tank capacity 150 litres
Black water tank capacity 40 litres



72-month financing plan of your W12i 2×350-hp (apport 50%) : AUD 3’530/month
Your ready-to-sail W12i featuring a 2×350-hp engine: AUD 465’895*



Choice of color for the inflatable part  Free
Choice of color for your hull On demand
Hard top, polyester roll bar featuring 3 LEDs, front and rear awnings (sunbathing area) for anchorage AUD 10’815
Electronic Package, GPS Sounder, engine information on a 12-inch screen AUD 9’250
WimbiTeak© Cabin Package AUD 5’170
Special outdoor luxury kitchen featuring a hob, a double-door refrigerator, a sink and an ice maker AUD 7’650