Sportivity & harmony

Reaching a length of 10.50 meters (34.4 ft), the W10 positions itself as an extension of the W9, with an additional 1.50 meters (4.92 ft) enabling further space to be cleared at the front for lunch, further space around the cockpit, further space for the kitchen and further space for the rear sun lounge. In conclusion, this boat is definitely ideal for those who enjoy having plenty of space.

Among the many standard accessories, you have a retractable, stainless steel bathing ladder. The rear engine(s) are surrounded by an aluminum bracket featuring fine circulation and 2 steps to move over to the quarterdeck. Large storage compartments are available pretty much everywhere, especially under the seats.

The large, semi-circular bench seat at the back can easily accommodate 4 to 5 people. This area, surrounded by a broad and thick reverse roll bar, the absolute architectural hallmark of all Wimbi Boats®, creates a sort of roof above you which protects you and makes you feel properly safe. You will also be able to enjoy an awning at the front, very convenient to eat lunch on board while anchoring.

The W10 is equipped, at the rear, with an outstanding bathing platform of more than 2 meters long (6.56 ft), which conceals a huge storage hold that can be converted into a sleeping compartment featuring a proper bed of 200 x 180 cm. This area is embellished with storage compartments, a light and a charging socket.

A toilet area can be arranged within the steering console and be reached using a side door.

With all this equipment which even includes a kitchen, you will easily be able to go away for several days aboard your W10.

Regarding engine power, you will have to choose between a single or twin engine. To enjoy highly pleasant sea outings, get started with a 350 hp engine or feel emotionally empowered with a twin 2×300 hp engine, or even get into Racing mode with a 627 hp engine.

You can select the color of your Wimbi Boats® engines so that they may coordinate with your boat’s overall esthetic design.

Available engines

Technical specifications

Length of hull 10.00 m
Overall length 10.50 m
Width 3.22 m
Length of bathing platform 200 cm
Length of rear platform 95 cm
Inflatable materials (tubes) Hypalon
Tube Diameter 55/66 cm
Category B
Number of compartments 6
Maximum number of passengers 22
Weight 2100 kg
Transmission HB Arbre XL ou XXL
Authorized engine power de 350 a 700 CV
Fuel tank capacity 400 ou 380+120 liters
Water tank capacity 120 liters
Black water tank capacity 40 liters